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The world's first
rooibos tea espresso

The New Choice. Rooibos tea espresso.

red espresso® offers you a new choice: a way to be healthy without compromising on the lifestyle – or drinks – that you love. Naturally caffeine-free and made only from pure rooibos tea, red espresso® is a great alternative to coffee for those who are looking to cut out or down on caffeine. Loaded with immune-boosting antioxidants, it also makes deliciously healthy iced teas and smoothies, bursting with flavour and pure goodness from the Earth. Plus, 100% natural, it’s perfect for the whole family. Prepare it just like coffee in your espresso machine, French Press or Nespresso® machine at home, or ask for it at your favourite café.

benefit your health

Made from pure rooibos tea, red espresso® is naturally caffeine-free and, owing to its unique patented cut and espresso method of preparation, has 10 times more antioxidants than traditionally-brewed rooibos tea, and five times more than green tea! This means it is uber-healthy.

Rooibos tea itself is naturally sweet. All our products, including our Rooibos flavour collection (Vanilla, Caramel and Chai) are sugar free but we recommend that you add honey as the perfect taste and health complement to our red drinks if you prefer a sweeter taste.

café-style red drinks

Naturally caffeine-free and full of the goodness of Rooibos tea, our classic hot drinks offer a healthier alternative to coffee and decaf. For those moments when you want a café experience but just don't want the caffeine.

Endless ways to enjoy red espresso® chilled.  The kids will love a red drink too.  From delicious red cappuccinos and lattes just like mom, to real iced teas and healthy smoothies that boost their immune systems, our red drinks are easy-to-make and fun to enjoy.