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red dragon

A Manhattan-born martini.

rooibos tea, ginger liqueur, honey & fresh lime.
shaken & strained. 


  • Scoop 14g red espresso®

  • Express a double shot


  • In a cocktail shaker, add:

    - ice
    - red espresso® - honey
    - 2 shots Canton ginger liqueur
    - a squeeze of fresh lime

  • Shake, strain & serve in a chilled martini glass

red jack
sparkling iced tea, lime & Jack Daniels 

  • Fill a cocktail glass with ice and 2/3 (sparkling) apple juice

  • Scoop 14g red espresso®

  • Express a double shot


  • Add a tot of Jack Daniels

  • Addatotoflime

  • Stir and serve 

red milk tart
a cheeky twist on a classic South African dessert.  
a deliciously different, after-dinner liqueur. 


•  Scoop 14g red espresso®

•  Express a double shot (60ml/2oz.)
•  In an empty glass bottle, add:

    -  red espresso® (6 shots)

    -  vodka (300 ml)

    -  condensed milk (1 tin)

•  Freeze for 4-5 hours

•  Shake&serve with a sprinkling of