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Each 250g pack contains only 100% pure rooibos tea, carefully ground under patent to deliver a delicious, full-flavoured espresso layered with a golden crema. It is naturally caffeine-free and loaded with healthy antioxidants. Whether in your café, restaurant or at home, it is ready-to-use and easy to make using any coffee appliance. (Not capsules or pods)


250g pure grind (21 servings)

SKU: 00310305


    • 100% natural, pure rooibos tea
    • Naturally caffeine-free
    • Rich in powerful antioxidants: 5 x more than green tea; 10 x more than traditionally-brewed rooibos tea
    • No additives, colourants or preservatives
    • No sugar
    • Non-GMO




    • Expertly ground and ready to use (no grinding necessary)
    • Easy to make in all coffee appliances: espresso machine, stovetop moka pot, French Press, filter machine
    • Great alternative to coffee
    • Perfect for the whole family
    • Makes a range of delicious red drinks
    • Great-tasting health: red espresso’s unique flavour (which does not taste like coffee) is naturally sweet with slightly earthy undertones. It is rich and bold, with a full-bodied, well-rounded mouth-feel and a refreshing, clean finish.




    • 21 servings
    • Re-sealable doy pack
    • Halaal- and Kosher-Certified
    • Store in a cool, dry place. Keep sealed. Do not refrigerate. Use within 6 months of opening.